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CloudShed is celebrating International Women's Day 2018! #PressforProgress

It is International Women's Day! Woohoo. At CloudShed we couldn't let this go by without some acknowledgement. It does make us sad that in 2018 this day is still needed, but we will push on until we are seen as equals in ALL ways. Oh, and just so you know, CloudShed would NEVER pay a man more than a woman in the same role, that's just crazy, right?

"Now, more than ever, there's a strong call-to-action to press forward and progress gender parity. There's a strong call to #PressforProgress motivating and uniting friends, colleagues and whole communities to think, act and be gender inclusive."

We are a small IT business run by women, and yes it is a tough industry for women to be taken seriously, having said that I have seen an improvement in people's attitudes towards women in IT in the last couple of years - but there is still major room for improvement. I say people's and not just men, because there have been times I have turned up (especially with a name like Jordan), and the women there have been expecting a guy and cannot hide their disappointment that I have showed up to solve their IT problem, and it can be a constant battle to prove your knowledge, it feels like you have to give a brief CV overview before you can get on with the job in hand.

People's wording toward women in leadership roles can be interesting as well. For example I heard woman being called 'bossy' when they are simply trying to organise a meeting and tie people down to a time, now I highly doubt if that was a male manager he would have been called 'bossy'...

So on this International Women's Day, let's try and recognise our equality, let's be more mindful of how we treat each other in the work place and the language we use. We can be doing more in our workplace and for some ideas on what you could do go to...

I’ve just taken action to help accelerate gender parity. #PressforProgress and committed to an action - you can do the same!

Let's meet back here in a years time and discuss the changes we have made/noticed.

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