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Google Workspace Training

Core sessions

Intro to Google Workspace Part 1 - Communication (90 mins)

Intro to Google Workspace Part 2 - Collaboration (90 mins)

Communicating with Chat & Meet (90 mins)

Creating your own Google Site (90 mins)

Getting to grips with Google sheets (90 mins)

Taking Google Sheets to the next level (2/3 hours)

Creating presentations in Google Slides (1 hour)

Getting organised with Tasks & Keep (45 mins)

Collaborating in Google Docs (90 mins)

Organising & finding content in Google Drive (1 hour)

Working as a team with Shared Drives (1 hour)

Managing a project in Google Workspace (2 hours)

Workflow sessions

Searching, labeling & filtering in Gmail (30 mins)

Sharing Google Drive content internally & externally (30 mins)

Communicating as a team in Google Chat Spaces (30 mins)

Get data insights with Pivot Tables, Charts and machine learning in Google Sheets (40 mins)

Capture and analyse information using Google Forms & Sheets (40 mins)

Scheduling in Google Calendar (30 mins)

Virtual presentations with Google Slides & Google Meet (40 mins)

Working with MS Office docs in Google Drive (30 mins)

Top five Google Workspace features (45 mins)

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