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Ongoing Support

Learning sites

A Learning site can be an extremely important resource to offer further support and learning materials to users after training. Learning sites can be an ongoing resource that develops over time and can act as a hub for new starters, a go-to for 'how to' questions aimed at the service desk and a hub for bite-size videos. 

We can build the learning site and fill it with bitesize video tutorials and step-by-step guides.

Examples of bite-size videos:

Gmail day 1 (5-10mins)

Getting started with Docs, Sheets & Slides (5 mins)

Collaboration tips (5 mins)

Note-taking with Keep (5 mins)

MS Teams day 1 (5 mins)

OneDrive VS SharePoint (5 mins)

Note-taking with OneNote (4 mins)

Get Organised with Planner (4 mins)

Add ons can include ongoing maintenance of the site (so content doesn't become outdated) and also include our Tips & updates plan, which can be delivered via the site.

Tips & updates plan

We offer monthly or quarterly subscriptions to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 updates and comms packages:


All relevant updates are delivered in a format that suits you (eg. document, via your learning site, or a slide deck)

Subscription packages can be customised to include bite-size videos, tips of the week or training you would find beneficial.

Add ons can include live training sessions, quick start guides or live Q&A's.

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