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Our top FIVE collaboration features in Google Docs

1. Sharing

An obvious one if you already use Google Docs, but one I could not live without. You click on the blue share button in the top right and you collaboration journey begins. TIP: share your doc at the start, then you can work on the document together.

2. Suggesting

Not sure you want to commit to making a change on the doc? Use the suggested edits option to give your input but have it seconded by someone else.

3. Version history

You can never make a mistake in a Google Doc, all your changes are saved in the version history. You can see who did what and when, and you have the power to restore an older version. TIP: Name your versions so they are easy to revisit.

4. Chat

You see a colleague in your Google Doc and just need to ask them a quick question, you can use the Chat feature. This is an instant messenger from inside the doc. It disappears when you close to the doc but perfect for those quick Q's. TIP: Use the commenting option to leave comments on the doc.

5. Assigning

+Lauren and tick the assign box and I have delegated a task to my colleague. It will notify them in an email with a direct link to the action - nifty

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