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Five of our favourite Google Sheets features

Google Sheets can get some bad press, but in the last 2 years it has just got better and better. We love Google Sheets and here is a few reasons why...

1. Explore

In the bottom right of your Google Sheet there is the 'Explore' button

You can ask if questions about your data, or even get it to create charts using your data.

2. Notification rules

You might have a spreadsheet that is really important to you, so important, that if someone makes a change to it, you need to know. Go to 'Tools' then 'Notification rules' and set up email notifications.

3. Assign to

So we know you can right click on areas of the sheet and make comments, well now you can assign those to someone but using @ or + searching their email address and clicking 'assign'.

4. Filter views

There is nothing more annoying than going into a spreadsheet and someone has left a filter on. Let your team know they can go to 'Data' then 'Filter views' and create their own and name it.

5. Insert a chart from Sheets into a Doc and link it

Back in the day you had to save the chart as an image and then add it into a doc as an image. It was static and well it was lame. Now you can copy and paste it into a doc AND it will ask you if you want to link it, so then you have the option to update it when you change the sheet data.


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