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Go live day, go live day!

So much prep and planning goes into a G Suite roll out. We run so many training sessions we are reciting them in our sleep, then it arrives, go live day. It all comes down to this day, will the migrations all complete? Will everyone have an account? Did we reach enough users with our training - yeah of course we did! Which is why we LOVE a go live day. Don’t believe us?...

This was taken a few weeks back on a go live day for a global company. We trained in London and we trained in NYC baby! This is us heading into the London office to see if all the hard work paid did. We floor walked until we could walk no more and the excitement was felt across the office. Most the questions were based around Google Groups as that was the biggest change/challenge for them. The buzz lasted all day, and everyone felt it. But how exactly do you create that buzz? (well we can’t give all our secrets away), so here is our top 3!

  • Freebie Merch! Everyone loves a freebie, especially something to wear on go live day, Google hat anyone?

  • A Countdown! T-minus 5 days until G Suite is live...tell them what they can look forward to, what are the cool life changing features? What will happen? Where can they get help?

  • Fantastic Floor walkers with bags of love for G Suite! We truly love the product we work with, and we have been told it shows. Rope in some other Google lovers and create a team.

Roll on the next go live day in a couple of weeks time!

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