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Have you seen our NEW Google Workspace Learning Space?

We've done it!

We are proud to announce our Google Workspace Learning Space.

We have been working on this training site for a while now and we think it's turned out pretty great, but it doesn't stop there, as the courses will be updated as Google Workspace updates and the monthly courses change each month.

There are over 200 videos across the courses.

There are longer 'core' courses that can be purchased individually, covering Gmail, Google Chat, Google Meet, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets and Google Forms.

We have also put together some bundles for Project Management and for PAs / EAs.

This image shows a screenshot of the google workspace courses on Cloudsheds website

Self-paced, step-by-step courses

The courses are self-paced, you can create your own training schedule and you are not set to a deadline. They are step by step and each step contains either a bite-size video, guides, FAQ, keyboard shortcut guide, next steps help or a quiz.

This screenshot shows the Google drive course on the Cloudshed website

Monthly subscription

Maybe a monthly bite-size course is more your thing, we've got you covered. For £7.99 a month you can access a different bite-size course each month. This month is an Introduction to Google Workspace and it includes; 8 videos, guides, a LIVE webinar with our trainer Lauren and tips & tricks.

We have loved creating this site and are excited to start your learning journey with you or your organisation.

To find out more or to access the courses head to


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