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How to run your own virtual quiz

For the past six weeks, we have been having weekly virtual quizzes with our family and friends. They are a great way to stay connected and have some fun, they can also be used to break up the 'working from home' day with your colleagues.

I have seen quite a lot of people quizzing, but how do you run a successful virtual quiz? And how do you stop it from quickly getting boring?

Here are some of our top tips on keeping your quizzes fun and fresh

1. Use Google Meet for the video call, you can send a link out to your attendees and can utilise the present option or even mute if you need to keep ORDER. We like to message everyone before, just to check they know how to join and the work the call, then you don't have to spend your quiz time doing that.

2. Take it in turns each week to host. Everyone has their own style and ideas, from Who wants to be a Millionaire style, to Eurovision theme.

3. Make it slick with Google Slides. There a themes to choose from, you can insert Youtube videos and keep it looking fresh. Plus you can share the decks with each other for a format for the next quiz.

3. Break it up into rounds, we like to include standard quiz formats with a few twists, such as;

- Fastest finger first, and put the answer in the chat

- Give the attendees something to prep and keep them a part of the quiz theme, for example fancy dress or give them a film/musical/song to act out.

- Guess the song/film clip/emoji

- Secret challenges, before the quiz set some attendees a challenge, like saying a certain phrase multiple times without anyone noticing - they could get extra points?

4. Allow time for toilet and drink making breaks - maybe even set a cocktail menu! Quarantini anyone?

5. Tell them what they will need for the quiz in the invite, we like people to have a pen and paper so we can run through the answers at the end, you can use Google Forms, but it is funny to hear each others answers and it can also get a bit tech heavy when the idea is to have fun and relax.

6. Try and not have too many people on the call or you lose the social side of things, sometimes we stay on and play our fave songs and have a boogie.

7. Don't have them too often, you want to keep it enjoyable. Saturday nights work well.

Happy quizzing everyone :)

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