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Why Microsoft Teams?

Does your business have Microsoft 365? If so, then your business has Microsoft Teams.

But why should you start using it?

Video conferencing with your team or clients

You can schedule video call meetings via Teams, which simply puts a link to the video call in an invite. Anyone can use this link to join the meeting, they don't need to have an account to use Teams.

Work on files in real-time with your team

Attachments are a thing of the past, being locked out of a file is a thing of the past. You can collaborate in real time with your colleagues on files in Teams.

Access everything you need on any device

Teams can be accessed on the web, as well as installed on computers and mobiles.

Host live online events

With Teams live events, you can broadcast video and meeting content to large audiences, with features such as live Q&A.

Clear out your inbox

If you and your team start communicating and collaborating in Teams, you won't need to email each other as much anymore. You're not only increasing your productivity with faster communication, you're also reducing your mailbox size. Win win!

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