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Top five Google Next OnAir Sessions to watch this week

Google Cloud Next 2019 is happening in San Francisco next week and we have been through and added the Next OnAir sessions to our calendar. These will be streamed live but you can also watch them after as well.


Google Next are HUGE events for Google and they are our favourite ones, as we get to learn how G Suite will evolve in the next year. It's great for G Suite customers as well, so we highly recommend watching as many of the G Suite sessions as you can. However, there are tonnes of sessions and not all of them relate to G Suite, so we have collated our top 5 to help you out. If you follow our blog, you know we love a top 5! So here it goes... Here are the top 5 Google Next sessions we would recommend for G Suite customers: 1) Gmail Security: Advanced Security Features to Protect Your Organization 2) Make it with G Suite: Reimagining How Businesses Works 3) 30 Ways Google Sheets Can Help Your Company Uncover and Share Data Insights 4) Engage Employees with Google+ for G Suite 5) How to Grow a Spreadsheet into an Application

There are plenty more sessions to watch, especially for G Suite admins. You can add them to your calendar via their Next OnAir page.

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