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Five top tips for working remotely with G Suite

It is no surprise that working remotely is a hot topic this week. A lot of us have G Suite but don't use it to it's full potential, we are still dipping in and out of MS Excel or maybe even saving to our desktop - no surely not.

If you have G Suite you stand a fantastic chance of keeping up with your workload, even if you have to be hauled up at home for a few weeks (don't worry you can still watch Netflix on your lunch hour).

Here are some of our top tips to keep things running

1. Utilise Hangouts Meet, video calls are not nearly as scary as you think and once you have a couple under your belt you will never look back. Also Google are offering premium features for everyone! So hello recording meetings and inviting everyone you know.

2. Get your important documents into Google Drive. What documents would you NEED to carry on working? Prioritise those and upload them. Leave the 10 years of legacy data where it is for now - start a fresh.

3. Work as a team with Shared drives. My Drive is your area and Shared drive is for shared team docs.

4. It's all a bit rush and you can't convert all your docs to Google docs right now - don't worry, you can open and edit Office documents within Google Drive.

5. Use Chat. Ok so you can't turn to your colleague and ask them a quick question, but you can chat them. Keep email for the formal stuff and chat for your quick Q's.

This is just a small part of how you can use G Suite remotely, if you would like learn more, in a bit more detail, ping us an email (or chat)

We are running short (1hour - 1.5hour) sessions on how to work remotely with G Suite

Let's keep our businesses going.

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