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What's Google Currents all about?

A lot of you will have heard of Google+, wasn't so hot with consumers and so it was retired. BUT we think there was some good stuff there for organisations.

Well, the good news is Google+ is now Currents and is there for businesses to use.

It is sat there all lonely in your Google apps grid ready to be used, but how can it be helpful and why do you need it?

  • Leaders can use this as a place to keep the whole organisation on the same page. Leaders/influencers can be set up within Currents to give their posts more reach - check out the spotlight option.

  • Communities can be set up for teams or interests. You may be part of a team that is spread out across the country or globe, you can utilise communities to communicate as a team and share ideas, wins or woes.

  • Content is easy to find and access with streams, tags, and the option to follow people.

  • You have your own space - your own profile.

The way we see it is you have:

Gmail - for more formal comms

Chat - for quick questions and conversation

Currents - for team support, leadership comms, company achievements & a wider reach

Meet - for the face to face

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