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How do I set an Out of Office in Google Calendar?

Question - How do I set an Out of office in Google Calendar?

We love it when people interact and ask us questions in our live training sessions, and we are going to share the questions we get in a blog post series - there are never any silly questions in CloudShed sessions.

Step #1 - Open your Google Calendar

Step #2 - Click the Create button...

Or on the date, you wish to start your Out of office.

Step #3 - Customising your Out of office

Select your dates or times, decide if you would like Google Calendar to decline new meetings and even customise your out-of-office message, just like you would with your Gmail Out of office.

Step #4 - Are you sure?

Once you hit save, it will check if you want to decline new meetings...

Then you are ready to go!


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