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Boost productivity with the Google Workspace side panel

In Google Workspace everything is interconnected.

A great example of this is the side panel, which is visible in Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs and more. This feature makes it easy to quickly access your schedule, notes and tasks without losing focus. The key is less switching between apps, which results in a significant productivity boost.

Here are 5 cool things you can do with the side panel

1 - Check your Google Calendar or schedule a meeting

Tip: if you have a file open, it will attach a link to the invite.

A screenshot of the google workspace side panel showing the calendar option

2 - Take notes in Google Keep where you can take notes and create lists anywhere using the sidebar. It’s a sticky notes app that can be accessed via the Google Workspace apps menu and the mobile app.

Tip: If you have an email or file open while taking a note, it will insert a link to the email/file in the note.

Screenshot of the Google Workspace side panel show the Google Keep section

3 - Check who someone is using Google Contacts.

Have you ever had an email from someone and wracked your brains trying to figure out if you’ve met them before? Open Contacts in the sidebar it will show emails and meetings you’ve had with that person. That saves a lot of time trying to search through Gmail and Google Calendar to find the information.

4 -Manage your Tasks With Google Tasks, you can create to-do lists that can be accessed anywhere using the sidebar. It’s a great app for reminders, as it integrates with Google Calendar. Tasks also has a mobile app.

5 - Send bookable time slots! When composing an email, there is a calendar button at the bottom where you can ‘Offer times that you're free’. This will open your calendar in the sidebar, where you can select times you would like to offer for a meeting and send them as bookable timeslots. Once the recipient has chosen a time, it will be added to both your calendars.

A screenshot of the compose email screen

Don't forget! These are just a few ways Google Workspace can keep us productive. We offer live training and on-demand courses to teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of the Google Workspace platform.


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