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5 reasons why using OneDrive on the web or in Teams will boost productivity

In Microsoft 365, we believe the best way to access your files is via OneDrive on the web or in Microsoft Teams, this is an easy way to access all your files in one place.

Here are 5 ways you can boost your productivity using OneDrive

1 - The OneDrive ‘Home’ page will surface your most relevant files and your recent files.

Image shows screenshot of the home menu section in OneDrive

 2 - The ‘Shared’ section is a quick way to files shared with you and shared by you.

3 - The ‘Browse files by’ section is where you can see files you’ve been collaborating on with specific colleagues and files related to recent meetings such as meeting recordings or files shared during the meeting.

4 - ‘Quick access’ is where you can pin important Shared libraries from SharePoint.

5 - The ‘Search’ in OneDrive and Microsoft Teams saves time clicking through folders to find a file. It can narrow down searches by file type, date modified, who modified it and more.

Image shows searching on OneDrive and narrowing the search


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