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How do I create a drop-down list in Google Sheets?

What would I use the drop-down feature for?

Using Data validation rules the drop-down feature allows you to create drop-down lists within your Google Sheets. We use them to mark off availability for example:

This image shows a drop-down list being show in a cell within Google Sheets

How do I do this?

Step #1 - Open Google Sheets

Step #2 - Click 'Insert' from the menus along the top

Screenshot of the settings drop down in sheets

Step #3 - Select 'Drop-down'

Screenshot of data validation rules in google sheets

This opens the 'Data validation rules' box and you can select the range you would like this to apply to (where you would like your drop-downs to go), you can also colour-code them to make them easier to view.

Further tip: If you click the advanced options you can change the look of the drop-down list, we have gone for the modern chip look but you can choose from:

A screenshot of advanced options in google sheets data validation

A simple and quick way to create your drop-down lists in Google Sheets!

For more tips click here!


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