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How do I set my working hours in Google Calendar?

Image of Jordan and Lauren and the question they were asked this week

What is the benefit of setting working hours?

If you set up working hours in your Google Calendar then Google can inform people before they send the invite if it is outside of your working day. This then allows them to amend it before sending it - saves on the back and forth!

How do I do this?

Step #1 - Open your Google Calendar

Step #2 - Click on your settings wheel

Screenshot of the settings drop down in google calendar

Step #3 - Scroll down to the 'Working hours' section

Screenshot of working hours in google calendar

Here you can select the days you work and the times of your working day. You will notice to the right you have the option to set a location if you wish. This can be useful for hybrid working if you need your colleagues to know when you will be in the office or remote.

You can go in here at any time to alter your hours - which can be usually if they change week to week.

It really is that simple...

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