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How do I create a Pageless doc in Google Docs

What is a pageless doc?

You can set up your Google doc as a pageless document, so you can continuously scroll without page breaks.

Why might I want to do this?

It's 2023, printing is almost a thing of the past and so we don't need to restrict ourselves to the dimensions of an A4 page. Think bigger & better, more in line with how we view content online and how content adjusts to screen size. Insert those wide tables and use all of the space - here's how...

Step #1 - Create a Google Doc

Step #2 - Page setup

From your File menu click 'Page setup'.

We are used to this menu from page setup of old, whether that be A4 or Letter layouts, now we have this modern and dynamic option of 'Pageless'.

Step #3 - Select 'Pageless'

You have the option to change the background colour here as well.

And look at what you can do...

We are loving pageless docs, we use them for our proposals now.

For more tips click here!

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