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Use Spaces in Google Chat for Announcements

We love this feature, it's giving Google+ vibes. You can now create Announcement only Google Chat Spaces.

We think this is perfect for organisation-wide comms, or for teams/departments that are spread across multiple locations to share news. You can lock it down so members can respond with an emoji, or you can allow replies.

Step 1. Click on 'New chat' and select 'Create a Space'

Google Chat menu

Step 2. Give your space a name and select 'Announcements', you can also set your 'Access' here.

Google Chat create a space menu

Step 3. Go to 'Space settings' to set your permissions, specifically if you would like members to be able to reply to messages.

Google chat announcement only space settings and permissions

Step 4. Use your space! I have made this Space available to all of CloudShed, but I can copy the space link to share it with people.

Google Chat announcement only space in action

You can take your Space to the next level by using apps to enhance your space, everyone loves a poll on what food should be provided at the Christmas Party.

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