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Office worker Sam continues to work on network drives because he has no idea his company have upgrad

Something we have noticed recently is businesses have bought Office 365… and nobody knows.

Take Sam for example, Sam has worked at company x for three years. He cycles to work, rides the lift to the sixth floor and then grabs himself a coffee. He takes his coffee to his desk and then composes himself while he tries to recall his new password.

Sam enters his password (that he definitely doesn’t keep on a postit note), logs onto his laptop in his usual way and then opens up his network drives to access his documents and MS PowerPoint to begin his work.

What Sam doesn’t know, is that the IT team have upgraded their Office offering and now have Office 365 Enterprise accessible to anyone in the business who wants to use it. Sam is left in the dark and doesn’t have a clue he has access to all these awesome collaborative tools.

It isn’t enough to just migrate users and hope they fall upon these tools and immediately start using them. A comms and training plan is needed to help your users.

So what is Sam missing out on?

  1. It’s the same, but different. It’s cloud based so everyone can now work online in Word, Excel, PowerPoint AND we will get to the new tools soon. This means they can COLLABORATE on documents. No more attachments, only sharing and collaborating. There is only one version of the truth and productivity is going through the roof!

  2. So many new applications… If you login at you will see a list of all the apps you get with your Office 365 license; Sway, Forms, Teams, OneNote to name a few.

  3. Anywhere, any device… You can login from any device with an internet connection, so if you forget your laptop you can just borrow one. This is also great for field-based and remote staff.

  4. Mobile applications, you can access all your documents and team sites when on the go, via your mobiles. Have a glance at your app store to get an idea of how many apps there are.

  5. Increased communication options… We lost track of the amount of times people forgot to CC someone in an email or someone missed an email in the thread. Office 365 has taken communication to the next level with Teams. In its simplest form, Teams is a chat tool with video conferencing (and it’s so much more than that you can read more here) People love this app because everyone lives and breathes this way of communicating outside of work, so why not utilise that knowledge base at work?

When you purchase these licenses, you are paying for all these tools. Make the most of them, exploit the apps suite you have access to, not just to get value for money, but to increase collaboration and productivity within your organisation.

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