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Is Office 365 taking the lead with Microsoft Teams?

CloudShed began as a G Suite (Google Apps) training provider.

Back in 2012, like everybody, we lived and breathed Microsoft BUT Google swooped in with a Cloud way of working and won our attention. G Suite is built in the Cloud which is what we love about it. It’s built to be collaborative, easily accessible and more importantly - it’s secure. However, a few years later Microsoft extended their tools into Cloud working with Office 365, where (like G Suite) you can collaborate, it’s easily accessible and it is secure.

That’s what we love, tools that improve an organisation’s productivity. So, we naturally extended our training offering to Microsoft’s Office 365.

Even with Office 365 in the mix, for a long time G Suite has been way ahead when it comes to collaboration, but now Microsoft are compensating with really impressive additional online tools such as Sway and Flow.

Microsoft has A LOT of tools, almost too many from an end user perspective. Our job is to simplify it for people. All the tools are brilliant but they’re very isolated and people are not sure when, how, why, or which ones to use. By the end of the day you could end up with 10,000 tabs open in the browser - not a great user experience.

Switch to 2018 and things are really starting to change. In the last year, Microsoft released ‘Teams’ and it seems to be the missing piece to the Office 365 puzzle. Team’s literally brings it all together. It’s a very powerful communication tool. You can chat, video call, and access pretty much anything you need within this one app (except emails someone pointed out in training).

So watch this space...does Microsoft Teams make Office 365 a winner?

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