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Coloured labels and time insights in Google Calendar

To review how you spend your time, you can assign colour labels to your Google Calendar entries and track them with the ‘Time Insights’ feature

Step 1 - To change the colour of an event in your Calendar, right-click and choose a colour

Screenshot of the Google Calendar screen when you have right clicked on an event and can colour code it or add a label

Or you can do this when creating an event

Screenshot of an event in Google Calendar highlighting the option to add a coloured label

Step 2 - To categorise the colours, use the ‘Add Label’ option

Step 3 - Add the Label names and choose their colours, then select ‘Save’

Screenshot of coloured labels with subjects

Step 4 - You can now add a label to a Calendar entry by right-clicking on it, or while scheduling a meeting

Screenshot of Google Calendar event showing the named label with the assigned colour

Step 5 - View your Time Insights in the bottom left of your Google Calendar screen and click 'More insights' to see a detailed breakdown

Screenshot of Google Calendar Time Insights screen showing a pie chart of time spend according to the assigned coloured labels

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