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Do you need Google Workspace training in your business?

The quick answer to this is - yes

Google Workspace is always changing and growing, there is always something new to learn.

In the past businesses have booked Intro to Google Workspace training alongside their migration and that training has come to end as the migration project is complete.

Recently however we have noticed a shift in businesses booking ongoing training, whether that be monthly new joiner/refresher sessions or a whole programme of bite-size sessions spread across a year to continually upskill their users and fully embed Google Workspace into all areas of their organisation. There are a lot of apps housed within Google Workspace - make the most of them, training should never stop.

Your users have grasped the basics and they are ready for the next level. More specific and advanced sessions can be offered, a form to collect data on what people need to know is a good place to start, along with discovery sessions with key teams like finance or HR.

Example taking Google Workspace to the next level sessions:

Getting more from Google Sheets

Simplifying communication in Google Workspace

Working externally in Google Drive

Collaborating in Docs

Making a start with Data Studio

Running a project in Google Workspace

Some organisations are trialling a programme of bite-size sessions, these are proving very popular as they slot easily into people's day and they have time to practice what they have learnt before the next session.

Example Bitesize topics:

Using Explore in Sheets

Organise & find what you need in Gmail

Scheduling with Calendar

Working with pivot tables in Sheets

Quarterly update sessions are an excellent way to stay up to date with all the changes in Google Workspace and learn how they work and how they can work within your organisation.

Live sessions are the best but what else can we offer on a daily basis?

When we are not holding live training sessions we are recording bite-size videos! They have become extremely popular, these can be client branded and shared from a Shared Drive or a Learning Site. Just remember these need to be updated regularly to cover all the updates.

Learning sites can be published with videos, links to help topics and FAQs/guides. We like to update them with Tips of the Week or new features.

We don't have a big budget for training, what are our options?

We have options to suit all budgets and organisation sizes. Training is important and users must be given the opportunity to maintain and grow their digital skills.

Due to budget constraints for smaller organisations, in particular, we now offer 90-minute training slots as well half-days & full-days. We can customise our offering to suit your needs.

Where do we start?

We can help you assess needs within your business, but a good place to start is with some of the questions below...

Q: Do all your users have the same level of basic knowledge to build on?

If the answer is no, you may want to look at overview Google Workspace sessions including all your businesses key messages and best practices.

Q: Do the users in my organisation know enough about Google Workspace to thrive in their roll?

For example, do the finance team know Sheets like the back of their hand? Do HR know how to create forms and extract data from them? Do the project managers know how to assign actions and host Google Meets? Do users know when to send a Chat message and use Spaces rather than an email?...

Q: When someone joins our business are we supporting their Google Workspace learning journey? Are they being left behind?

Q: Are your IT team dealing with a lot of 'how to' questions? What are they? Is there a pattern?

Ask around teams, get a feel for what they know and don't know, a lot of users want the training and know where they lack knowledge, the can help guide you.

Obviously we can't give away all of our secrets in this post, message us for a chat about training options for your business.


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