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Send emails to Spaces in Google Chat

Google Chat has a new feature, now you can send emails directly to a Space.

Step 1 The Space manager generates an email address for the Space.

Open the menu at the top of your Space

The drop down settings menu in a Google Chat Space

Click on Space settings

The drop down settings menu in a Google Chat Space

Scroll to the bottom of this screen and click Generate email, this will show you the email address once it is generated, and then members (or anyone in your domain) can send and forward emails to that Space.

Box to generate and email address for a Google Chat Space

Step 2 You are now ready to send emails directly to the Chat using the generated email address for that Space.

Compose your email and click send, you will see the email appear in the Space within Google Chat. You can click to view the whole message.

Email that has been sent to the Google Chat Space

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